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Rusi Minev Poised to Make Splash at CS Bulgaria

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In the world of combat sports, a Bulgarian fighter is primed for the international stage on home soil. Rusi Minev, a formidable competitor hailing from Bulgaria, is set to showcase his skills at Caged Steel Bulgaria on May 18th. As the Doncaster-based promotion ventures abroad for the first time, Minev stands ready to seize the opportunity.

Discussing how he found MMA, Minev gave a brief introduction on his journey into the sport:

“For many years, I trained in wrestling, but there was always something missing! After starting MMA, I realized that I missed the freedom to use the potential of everything at my disposal. My wrestling experience has built me a lot as an athlete, and that helps me a lot.”

Reflecting on his journey thus far, Minev considers his bronze medal from the world championship as his most significant victory: “My most significant victory is the bronze medal for the world championship! I try to take notes after every match, and I try to get better after every match.”

Rusi Minev Ready to Put on Big Performance at Caged Steel Bulgaria

When it comes to training, Minev entrusts his preparation entirely to his coaches:

“My coaches take care of my preparation. They are professionals, and I have complete confidence in them.”

Assessing his upcoming opponent, Minev maintains a composed demeanour: “My opponent is serious; he has a good game, but I don’t think I will let him impose himself.”

Mental preparation is crucial for Minev, who approaches each fight with a steadfast mindset: “For me, every fight is important, and I approach every opponent in the same way! When I’m prepared and my camp has gone according to plan, there’s nothing to push me mentally!”

Looking ahead, Minev remains focused on personal development: “I strive to get better and develop. I don’t have a specific fighter I want to face. I would fight anyone, and I have no problem with that. I want to fight in the biggest organizations, and I know it’s just a matter of time.”

As the date approaches for Caged Steel Bulgaria, Rusi Minev stands poised to represent his homeland with skill and determination on the international stage.

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