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Sienna Miller Schools Everyone On The Wimbledon Dress Code

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Today, Sienna Miller, a woman synonymous with the breezy boho style that Brits still put on a pedestal, watched Jannik Sinner face off against Daniil Medvedev wearing a cropped polka-dot shirt and pleated skirt set with matching Prada accessories. It was pitch perfect – a classic nod to Wimbledon whites, which every attendee seems to take as gospel despite the fact the dress code is just for players and ball persons, and a more playful alternative to the suiting that has dominated the stands. Dare we say it, tennis fanatic Kate Middleton might have worn this herself, minus the slither of torso forbidden by royal protocol.

Proving that yes, boho and Wimbledon whites can make perfect bedfellows in Ralph Lauren, 2022.

Neil Mockford

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Galvan – the purveyor of many of Miller’s best slip dresses – for the win in 2015.

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Miller’s ladylike version of preppy West London looks could have been plucked from any number of past tennis tournaments. As a regular guest of Ralph Lauren, her Wimbledon wardrobe centres around smart neutral linens, waspish takes on tailoring, sleek jumpsuits and dresses that hint at summers in the Hamptons as well as Cap d’Antibes. Her failsafe additions? A red lip and a plastic glass of rosé that hint she’s not just at the racket championships for the photo opps.

Meghan Markle wore this striped Ralph Lauren look worn here by Miller in 2021 three years prior.

Meghan Markle wore this striped Ralph Lauren look, worn here by Miller in 2021, three years prior.

Neil Mockford

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Yet another SW19 serve as a guest of Ralph Lauren last year.

Karwai Tang

If you feel like you’ve read a version of this article before, then you’re absolutely right, but judging by the pictures of Ascot et al, we absolutely need to be reminded of a woman who effortlessly brings a degree of polish to the events some people feel like they need a personality transplant for. Just remember your umbrella.

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