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The Best Real Money Baccarat Casinos – Play Online Baccarat

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We researched every Pennsylvania online casino’s online baccarat offerings and have ranked them all to help you make an informed decision on where to play the game.

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Read on to learn how to play baccarat, the best betting strategies to use, and the top places to play baccarat online in PA.

Reviewing the best online Baccarat sites

There are many great online casinos to play baccarat at in Pennsylvania. Here is our ranking of the 11 top online casinos in PA for baccarat games:

DraftKings Pennsylvania Baccarat

DraftKings: Best selection of baccarat games

DraftKings Casino is the obvious leader of the pack when it comes to the selection of baccarat games at Pennsylvania online casinos. You can find four different video baccarat games and one Live Dealer game.

Live dealer baccarat at DraftKings is limited to the popular Dragon Tiger first-person game, but the selection of games is supported mostly by a few unique titles. DraftKings Casino has three video titles that are unique to the platform called DraftKings Baccarat, DraftKings High Limit Squeeze Baccarat and DraftKings Lunar New Year Baccarat. Additionally, they have one simple type of baccarat that is available at all PA online casinos.

Borgata Pennsylvania Baccarat

Borgata: Best selection of Live Dealer baccarat

You will find the best selection of Live Dealer baccarat games at Borgata Casino Pennsylvania. In fact, all PA online casinos outside of Borgata only have one type of live dealer baccarat game and Borgata has four. There are also two different standard video baccarat games to try out. 

The two video titles available at Borgata Casino are NHL baccarat and standard Baccarat. The NHL Baccarat game is unique to Borgata and is exceptional, especially if you are an NHL fan. The live dealer games are where Borgata thrives, though. You can find ‘First Person’ titles like Lightning, Golden Wealth and Dragon Tiger spanning across two providers. If you are someone who likes the basic experience of baccarat but wants a live dealer atmosphere, there is a standard Baccarat from Evolution Gaming to try out.

BetRivers Pennsylvania Baccarat

BetRivers: Excellent low-stakes baccarat online games

BetRivers Casino is one of the leaders in online baccarat games in the state of Pennsylvania. At BetRivers Casino, you can play two different video titles and a live dealer offering for baccarat. All of the titles available at BetRivers are standard types of baccarat with no particular theme.

Our experts have championed BetRivers Casino as a great place to play online baccarat in PA for their low-stakes offerings. The minimum bet on all video baccarat titles at BetRivers is just $0.10 compared to the industry standard of $1. This can open the doors to the game of baccarat for players of all bankroll sizes.

Caesars baccarat Pennsylvania

Caesars Palace Online Casino: Best overall baccarat online experience

According to our experts, Caesars Palace Online Casino Pennsylvania provides players with the best overall experience in the state when it comes to online baccarat. You can find two video baccarat titles on top of one live dealer game. There are often promotions at Caesars Palace Online Casino that are specific to online baccarat titles, adding to the allure.  

Both of the video baccarat titles are standard types with no real theme to them. The lone live dealer offering comes from the Caesars-specific brand and is also standard.

Unibet Pennsylvania Baccarat

Unibet: Great baccarat-specific promotions

Unibet Casino is a top-notch casino in Pennsylvania and has a terrific selection of baccarat games. There are two different types of video baccarat and two live dealer tabs on the platform. All live dealer baccarat games are available around the clock which is great to see, as well as all games by Golden Wealth and Lightning.

The best feature of Unibet’s baccarat menu is that they will run promos sometimes that are specific to online baccarat. Most PA online casinos are concerned with game-specific promos for more popular games like blackjack, for example, so we were happy to find featured promos for baccarat here.

FanDuel Pennsylvania Baccarat

FanDuel: In-house baccarat online specialty games

FanDuel Casino has many games that are powered by themselves and this extends to the baccarat menu of the platform. FanDuel has standard baccarat in video format but also has a self-sponsored version of the game that comes in a live dealer format.

Stars Pennsylvania Baccarat

Stars: Great high-limit baccarat games

Stars Casino checks in at the end of our rankings, but still has a decent selection of baccarat games. You can find standard baccarat in video form at Stars Casino PA and a live dealer option. We recommend Stars Casino to high-stakes online casino players in particular given the relatively high limits on online baccarat games.

Hollywood: Unique types of baccarat online games

Hollywood Casino is a lesser-known name in the online casino space but has made its mark in the area of baccarat for Pennsylvania players. Hollywood Casino has live dealer Speed Baccarat as their lone live option and two standard video titles.

BetMGM: Leading baccarat providers available

BetMGM Casino is one of the premier destinations for online gaming in PA, but they do lack in the area of baccarat overall. BetMGM has just one video title available, but the best part of their catalog is the popular Evolution Gaming live dealer baccarat option.

PointsBet: Unique live dealer baccarat types

PointsBet Casino has more of a global influence on the gaming market than most of the other online casinos we are ranking. As a result, they have unique baccarat titles in store in the PA market. PointsBet Casino PA offers Dragon Tiger in a video format which is unique to the platform and has live dealer Speed Baccarat as well.

How do you play baccarat?

Baccarat online has become one of the most popular casino games in the new digital age given its simplicity and easy-to-understand rules. Online baccarat games demonstrate some of the most player-friendly RTP rates of any game you will find at an online casino in PA. Most baccarat games carry a 99 percent RTP for certain wagers.

Baccarat is set up with two different sides, Player and Banker. Players can choose which side to wager on with the winning side being closest to a score of nine. All cards carry their numerical value, but face cards count as zero points and aces count as one point. For example, a hand that is king-six would have a value of six. However, it is important to note that if you have two numerical cards like nine-six, the value is not 15—it is five. A score of nine is the highest you can achieve.

Once the dealer places two cards for both the Player side and the Banker side, there is a specific set of rules to follow in terms of drawing. If either side winds up with a score of eight or nine, this is considered a Natural and is an automatic winning hand. The only way for it to not be a winning hand is if one side has a score of eight and the other side has a score of nine or if both sides are tied.

If the Player side has a total of five or fewer with the first two cards dealt, that side has to draw a third card. However, if the Player side does not need to draw a card, the Banker side has rules to follow. Essentially, the Banker will draw on a total of six or fewer if they are behind the Player side score. If the total is seven or more, there will be no drawing of a third card.

The winner of an individual hand will be whatever side comes closer to nine. On ties, all players will be returned their wager. You can also bet on Tie as a side bet in addition to other side bets like Dragon.

Betting in baccarat online

Baccarat bet type RTP on bet type Payout
Player 98.76% 1:1
Banker 98.94% 0.95:1
Tie 85.64% 8:1
Dragon 92.39% Varies from 30:1 to 1:1

Baccarat is a game of chance that requires relatively no skill to play. As a result, there are no pure strategies that will deliver you a better chance of winning. If we had to make one recommendation for playing baccarat, though, we would advise staying away from side bets and sticking with Player and Banker. Those two sides deliver the highest RTP rates in the game. No strategy is necessary either way given that the game itself carries only a 1.5 percent house edge overall.

How we pick the best online baccarat sites

Our experts utilize a set list of factors to evaluate and rank the best online baccarat sites in PA. We do all of the leg work within our process so that you don’t have to. Here are the four main keys to our system:

Welcome bonus and promotions

An online casino that has a great welcome bonus and additional promos fares well in our evaluation process. If the PA online casino has promos that are specifically for playing baccarat, that is considered an added bonus.

Playing baccarat online at a PA online casino should be an enjoyable experience overall. The online casinos that fare well in our rankings are those that cater to baccarat players in particular, how much focus does baccarat get on the site?

One of the most important factors in ranking the best PA online baccarat sites is how many live dealer options each site offers. Getting the look and feel of a brick-and-mortar casino without having to go anywhere is a major bonus. Live dealer baccarat goes a long way, and of course, the more options a site offers, the better they’ll rank here.

Payment methods and withdrawals

Making deposits and withdrawals out of an online baccarat site should be a seamless process. The processing times should be quick and there needs to be a large number of payment methods available for you to take care of these transactions.

Which casino offers the best live dealer baccarat experience?

The best part about online baccarat in PA is that every legal site we review has some form of live dealer option available. Most of these sites only have one type of live dealer baccarat game, but there are a few that have multiple. Some of the providers of the live dealer games are better than others and the ones that have Evolution Gaming or IGT at the forefront of a title normally perform best in terms of functionality.
The best live dealer baccarat menu can be found at Borgata Casino Pennsylvania and it is by a landslide. Borgata Casino has by far the most live dealer baccarat game types available with four. All other sites have just one. At Borgata Casino, you can find First Person titles like Lightning baccarat, Golden Wealth baccarat and Dragon Tiger. There is also a no-frills option of standard live dealer baccarat available at Borgata.

How to start playing online baccarat for real money

Getting started with playing online baccarat for real money is easy as long as you follow the steps we have outlined for you below:

  • Choose one of our top PA baccarat sites to play at
  • Register for a new account with the online casino of your choice
  • Claim a bonus using a bonus code if you have one
  • Make your first deposit
  • Select a specific type of baccarat game to play
  • Get started placing your bets at the online baccarat tables
Can I play online baccarat for free?

While you cannot play online baccarat for free at all of the best online baccarat sites, you can at a few of them. Caesars Palace Online Casino has a demo mode for baccarat that has a regenerating play money balance. Borgata Casino and BetMGM Casino also have this feature so that you can test the product before placing real money wagers.

What is the payout for a Banker bet in baccarat?

The payout for a Banker wager in baccarat is 0.95:1. The house takes a five percent commission on all winning Banker bets meaning that a $100 winning wager on that side will return your initial stake plus $95.

What is the payout for a Player bet in baccarat?

The payout for a winning Player bet in baccarat is 1:1. There is no commission taken on winning wagers on the Player side, unlike the Banker side. A $100 winning wager on Player returns the initial stake and $100.

What kind of side bets can I make in baccarat?

There are two primary side bets available on most online baccarat games called Tie and Dragon. If a hand results in a tie, players receive an 8:1 payout if they bet it. Dragon wagers have various payouts based on the type of resulting Dragon, ranging from 30:1 to 1:1. Dragons happen when events like two naturals or a one-side natural nine occur.

What is the RTP for baccarat at PA online casinos?

The Return to Player (RTP) rate for baccarat at PA online casinos is around 99 percent overall. However, each individual wager type carries a different RTP. Player bets are 98.76 percent and Banker bets are 98.94 percent, for example, while the side bets Tie and Dragon have 85.64 percent and 92.39 percent RTP respectively.

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