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The Impact of Football on UK Culture: From Fashion to Music

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  • Football greatly influences UK fashion trends, with players setting styles that fans eagerly follow, even wearing jerseys on any occasion.
  • UK movies and TV shows often feature football-inspired content, showcasing the sport’s popularity and unpredictability.
  • Football and music are closely intertwined in the UK, with fans creating chants and performers entertaining crowds at matches.

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Football is by far the most popular sport in the UK as well as in the whole world. Several million football fans from the UK alone are following the matches every week. This of course includes the lower division matches from the Championship, League One, and League Two.

The impact of football on the UK culture is noticeable in many different areas of the country. There are many fashion trends that come from the football fields. We can also correlate the impact of football on the UK music industry. Below we’ll elaborate on this topic extensively.

Football players are looking sharp every time they enter a football field. This wasn’t the case with the older generations, as they were mostly focused on the games rather than on their appearance.

Nowadays, players are always getting a haircut before a match. We can also find many players that have tattoos all over their bodies. This motivates football spectators to do the same, as most of them want to look like their heroes.

Players are also following the latest fashion trends when they go out and about. Some of them might even find their way on a magazine cover. We often see good-looking football players signing sponsorship deals with big fashion brands. It’s something that greatly impacts the fashion industry.

A different type of UK fashion trend concerns wearing football shirts on any occasion. Everywhere we go in the UK, we can stumble across a football fan in a football jersey. This is especially true when walking past a stadium, pub, or sportsbook such as BetMGM.

The UK movie industry is also under the influence of football. Film studios know how much UK residents love this sport, which gives them a large audience to work with.

Writers and producers find a lot of inspiration from UK football thanks to its unpredictable nature. But, apart from fictional stories, movie studios are also interested in football documentaries.

In the past couple of years, we’ve come across several such productions. One of the most notable is Welcome to Wrexham, a documentary TV show that debuted in 2022. It’s a story about two Hollywood actors, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who take over one of the oldest football clubs.

Another great documentary inspired by English football is Takes Us Home: Leeds United. It’s about Leeds United’s fight in the Championship for 15 years and their struggle to return to its glorious years.

Championship football wouldn’t be the same without the amazing chants coming from the stands. Football fans are often looking for song inspiration by listening to top UK singles.

They tend to adapt their own lyrics to popular songs, which is a common practice all around the world. Some of the most used such songs are Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes and Freed Form Desire by Gala.

The fact that football venues attract thousands of spectators, makes them perfect for music performances. Because of that, we often see singers, music groups, and DJs perform at the UK football matches. This usually happens before the start of a big match, as a way to raise the atmosphere.

Many UK singers are also following football and cheering for their favourite clubs. For instance, Ed Sheeran supports Ipswich Town while Arctic Monkeys support Sheffield Wednesday.

For over a century, Football has played a central role in the UK society and culture. It’s a crucial cultural force that has a big influence on life in this country.

This sport shaped the UK culture in numerous ways. It constantly brings people together and provides a common ground for different communities and national pride. For many fans, football is a source of entertainment and a way to deal with life stresses.

Apart from its impact on music, fashion, and movies, football is also an inspiration for art and literature. Many paintings and poems draw inspiration from football. Here, we can also include the fantastic murals found in many places in the UK.

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