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The UK’s most ‘delightful’ seaside town has been named the best place to live

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If you are planning to travel this summer then you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds to eat at fine restaurants or see some beautiful sights as there are many pretty English destinations everyone should visit at least once.

Porthleven is a small coastal town in Cornwall, England known for its breathtaking natural beauty as it has a long sandy beach that stretches for miles, dramatic cliffs which offer incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by lush green countryside.

It is a quintessentially Cornish town with stone brick cottages, winding streets and a traditional working harbour dotted with colourful fishing boats which makes it look like the setting from a postcard.

It is also located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which makes it a great place to take some hikes, relax on the beach and take some photographs as you are surrounded by beauty no matter where you go in Porthleven.

This enchanting place has been described as a “delightful fishing port” by the Guardian which said it had a “fraction of the crowds” of the more popular seaside towns in Cornwall and has also been named one of the best UK seaside towns to live in by the Sunday Times.

Anyone who decides to visit Porthleven should first visit the glorious golden beach which goes for miles and is known for its big waves so has become a popular surfing destination.

However, those wanting a more relaxing time can simply sunbathe or have a picnic as it also has extraordinary views of the Cornish coastlines where seals are often spotted and is known for its spectacular sunsets.

Make sure you do not miss the harbour which has been described as the prettiest part of the town due to its big harbour hall where you can see waves crashing, and nearby is the Old Lifeboat House where there a often exhibitions put on by artists.

If you are someone who enjoys a walk then the Loe Bar is worth a visit, and despite its name it is not a place to drink but rather Cornwall’s largest natural lake which begins on the Penrose Estate, a beautiful woodland park owned by the National Trust.

Even though Porthleven is a fairly small town with a population of only 3,120 people it also has an impressive number of shops, galleries and restaurants so you will never be bored no matter what you want to do.

Porthleven is also known as a foodie heaven as not only does it serve the “best fish and chips in the land” according to Cornwall Live but it is also known for its fine dining, seafood, and traditional British cuisine.

Anyone who loves food should consider visiting this pretty town during the Porthleven Food Festival where there are numerous food stalls, demonstrations by renowned chefs and even music performances.

Jude Kereama, the chef patron of local Porthleven restaurant Kota Kai, shared that the food festival is worth the visit as there is a lot to offer and attracts visitors throughout Britain.

In an interview with Cornwall Live, Jude said: “The festival has highlighted what’s on offer here, which attracts visitors all year round – and we really do have some fabulous places to eat.”

“Fishing was at an all-time low when we arrived here 19 years ago – now it’s become a really foodie place and that of course helps the local fishing industry. People are coming here to stay for a long weekend or even a week because they know they can eat out very well indeed.”

However, no matter when you visit Porthleven is an extraordinary town that gas lots to do as well as many beautiful places to see, which makes it the perfect place for anyone looking for their next seaside holiday.

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