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Tourists warned to avoid visiting Spain on certain date with attractions closed

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The accommodation booking company My Hotel Break has warned tourists to avoid booking a holiday to Spain during a number of key dates.

Whilst many tourists enjoy visiting the country for year-round pleasant weather and a unique culture, visitors who are there during a national holiday could experience an increase in crowds and, in some cases, fewer available attractions.

Keira Rigby, travel expert at My Hotel Break, suggested that tourists should always take care when considering the dates they visit Spain.

She explained: “When planning a trip to Spain, being aware of bank holidays can help you navigate potential challenges and make the most of your visit.

“Whether it’s adjusting your itinerary to avoid closures, participating in local celebrations, or simply enjoying the festive atmosphere, understanding and embracing these holidays can enrich your travel experience in this vibrant and diverse country.”

There are 10 national holidays that take place in Spain each year, with five taking place across January and December.

The summer months, when tourists are most likely to travel, are generally quieter, with August 15’s Assumption of Mary being the only major holiday during the season.

However, tourists should always research if any regional holidays are taking place in the destination they plan to visit, with all 17 autonomous communities in Spain having unique events.

Much like the UK, My Hotel Break warned that the Spanish take national holidays seriously, with most businesses closing or working reduced hours.

Whilst major attractions are likely to stay open for the day, they will typically be busier due to the number of locals wanting to take advantage of their time off work.

To avoid frustration, the company suggested that tourists who are in Spain during a national holiday check the attractions that are open and see if any one-day events are taking place nearby.

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