Saturday, May 25, 2024

Transport infrastructure plan includes zero emissions ambition by 2045

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A new strategic transport plan for the North of England, which is aiming for near zero emissions from surface transport in the region by 2045, has been published by Transport for the North (TfN).

The blueprint, which builds on the first plan published five years ago, sets out the case to transform the North’s transport infrastructure and services, demonstrating how better connectivity can enable economic growth and decarbonise the transport system.

The first strategic transport plan enabled a step change in Government funding for rail by setting out the case for Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR).  

Along with announcing its ambition for near zero emissions from surface transport in the region by 2045, TfN’s new plan aims to support efforts to reduce car dependency and create the capacity required to grow usage of public transport networks.

It also confirms a place a long-term ambition to treble the share of freight carried by rail.

Lord McLoughlin, chair of Transport for the North, said: “Our Strategic Transport Plan sets out Transport for the North’s statutory advice to Government on how the North, speaking with one voice, can reach a sustainable, socially inclusive transport network for the future, support growth and employment opportunities.   

“The STP (strategic transport plan) will lay the foundations for the transport infrastructure investment for the North for decades to come.

“We will provide further advice to Government on how the plan can be implemented, from the pan-regional investment pipeline required, to efficiencies in how transport infrastructure and services are delivered.

“The evidence in this STP shows how with sustained investment, the right policy levers and enabling behaviour change, we can truly transform the North.” 

TfN’s strategic transport plan can be viewed here.   

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