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Travellers told ‘recalibrate the day’ this summer to avoid sunburn ruining trips

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The UK and German holiday booking company TravelLocal has offered a number of tips to help tourists stay cool and avoid illness when visiting a sunny destination this summer.

When going abroad, many holidaymakers like to soak up the sun during the day. Whilst this can give travellers a nice tan, it may also lead to sunburn and, in extreme cases, skin cancer.

Huw Owen, co-founder of TravelLocal suggested that one way tourists can stay safe in the sun is by starting their days early and having a rest during the early afternoon.

He advised: “In terms of taking precautions against the heat, it’s best to do as many Europeans do and recalibrate the day. Between 12 to 7pm, it’s often far too hot to be outside – this is when you should get some rest and shade.

“The early morning or the evening, through to the early hours, is when the days are at their coolest, so it’s best to save any walking around for these times if you can, to avoid the heat. It means a shorter night’s sleep, but you top it up in the middle of the day.”

Similarly, TravelLocal also recommended that tourists head back out after their siesta in order to explore their destination even more after the sun sets.

In European destinations with hotter climates, most attractions are typically open until much later in the day, with most bars and restaurants typically only coming to life at around 9pm.

The company also suggested that it can often be much more comfortable to walk outside during the evenings, making it much easier to see some of the local landmarks, which will likely look even more picturesque by moonlight.

Huw also noted that tourists looking to avoid the sun spend more of their time visiting indoor attractions, with many destinations offering a rich range of art galleries and museums, plus independent craft and souvenir shops.

He explained: “There’s a tendency to feel as though you have to be outside when you’re on holiday, but during a heatwave, it’s important to spend a few hours of the day indoors or, failing that, in the shade.

“On a city break, use the heat as an opportunity to immerse yourself in cultural activities such as exploring museums and art galleries, and taking long lunches or coffee breaks in the shade.”

Finally, the travel expert warned that tourists should try their best to avoid drinking outside at lunchtime or early afternoon to prevent feeling dehydrated.

He added: “Everyone loves to sample a local tipple whilst on holiday, it’s part of the fun. But but careful not to have too many when the temperature is so high. Alcohol instantly dehydrates you, which can result in sunstroke if you don’t replenish your body with water.

“It’s vital that you stay hydrated when the sun is so strong, and make a conscious effort to drink even more water than usual. About three litres per day will keep you hydrated. Cities including Rome and Milan also have plenty of free water points dotted around, so you don’t have to keep buying bottles.”

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