Tuesday, June 25, 2024

TV sports presenter arrested in 4am raid ‘on suspicion of raping child’

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A TV sports presenter was reportedly arrested on suspicion of raping a child during an early-morning raid of the individual’s home earlier this week. The host is claimed to have faced a historical accusation involving a child who was under ten years of age when the alleged offence took place.

According to The Sun, the TV personality’s home was raided by police at 4am before he was taken into custody.

Detectives are said to have questioned the male before releasing him on bail pending a further investigation after 18 hours.

The figure’s home in southern England was reportedly swept by officers, who took electronic devices and documents away for examination.

The report states that after an allegation was reported to the police, the complainant was recently interviewed by specialist child abuse investigation officers.

It’s added that the accusation involves a child – under the age of 10 at the time – who was allegedly raped on more than one occasion.

The suspect’s higher-ups have been informed of the police investigation and his arrest. However, his colleagues were reportedly unaware of the circumstances.

Following the raid and arrest before the crack of dawn, a stunned neighbour told The Sun: “The police turned up very early.

“They took him away and were there for a while ­carrying out a search. Everyone is shocked at his arrest.”

The police force involved have confirmed the arrest and are expected to conduct further inquiries into the accused individual’s background as part of their investigation.

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