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UK airport to open new terminal where economy passengers are treated like VIPS

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AN AIRPORT in the UK is set to open a new terminal where economy passengers will know what it’s like to travel as a VIP.

Last year, a study found that Brits spend so much on food and booze before flying, meaning paying for an airport lounge – or a private terminal – might actually work out to be cheaper.


Manchester Airport is set to open a state-of-the-art private terminalCredit: Toby Mitchell
Economy passengers will be able to access the terminal, providing they've booked


Economy passengers will be able to access the terminal, providing they’ve bookedCredit: Toby Mitchell

While there are some airport lounges and terminals that Brits can book themselves into before a flight, there are others that are slightly more exclusive and only available to passengers who are travelling with certain tickets.

This distinction could be set to change when a brand-new luxury terminal opens to economy passengers later this year.

Manchester Airport is set to open a state-of-the-art private terminal named Aether.

According to Manchester Evening News, all passengers will be able to book to use the new lounge.

Earlier this week, CAVU, a company founded by Manchester Airports Group, revealed details about the new terminal.

They described it as a “pioneering UK-first private terminal accessible to all airline travellers“.

The space will be located away from the airport’s main terminal and is set to feature its own check-in desk, security area and private parking.

The new private airport terminal will feature grub that’s been curated by Adam Reid – one of the city’s top chefs.

Passengers can even book to have themselves escorted to their flight in style in a chauffeur-driven BMW.

CAVU has forged a partnership with BMW, which they say will provide a “seamless transition” from the private terminal to designated gates at Manchester Airport.

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Passengers will be able to book to use the new terminal from £90 per person, with premium packages climbing to £170 per person.

The private terminal is slated to open in November 2024, with reservations opening to the public next month.

Martin Jones, CEO of CAVU, said: “The launch of Aether marks a pivotal moment in our mission to redefine airport travel.

“Building upon the success of our existing lounges, we recognise the rising demand for premium yet accessible airport experiences.

“Aether fills this gap, elevating the airport’s premium travel offerings.”

And Manchester Airport isn’t the only airport to give passengers a brand-new terminal.

Florence Airport

Earlier this year, Florence Airport proposed plans for a massive 11-year improvement project.

Its main upgrade will include a huge new terminal, complete with a unique rooftop vineyard.

The brand-new terminal will have a sloping roof lined with skylights and 38 rows of vines.

In a proposal put forward by the architecture firm, the airport’s vineyard will be managed by a winemaker in Tuscany, who will produce its very own wine directly beneath the terminal’s roof.

The new terminal is also slated to include a new area, which will have shops and other retail venues.

Plenty of other airports in Europe are also being revamped in a bid to increase capacity.

Katowice Airport, Poland

After hitting 5.61 million passengers in 2023, the airport announced a massive four-year improvement project.

Its main upgrade will be a new central passenger terminal, with the 527,000sqft building having new jet bridges and a new tunnel connecting the airport to the train station.

The two-storey terminal costs around PLN950million (£186million). will have a new check-in and arrivals hall, as well as a security area, passport control and departures zone.

Work is set to start on the upgrades later this year.

What are the passport rules?

The Sun’s Head of Travel Lisa Minot has explained exactly what Brits need to know.

“Travellers used to be able to roll over up to nine unused months from their old passport onto a new one.

“But post-Brexit, anyone wanting to travel to the EU can no longer rely on those extra months.

“In order to travel to the EU, all passports must be no more than 10 years old on the day you arrive in your European destination.

“And you’ll need at least three months on your passport on the day you head back to the UK.

“Figures have shown up to 100,000 holidaymakers a year face being turned away at airports if their passport is more than 10 years old.

“The 10-year rule only applies to countries in the European Union but every country may have different rules on what is accepted – some countries like South Africa, for example, insist you have at least six months  left on your passport when you travel and a full clear page.”

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And a train station in the UK nearly became a huge airport.

The new lounge is slated to open in November


The new lounge is slated to open in NovemberCredit: Toby Mitchell

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