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UK Brixham water crisis: Thousands warned against contaminated supply

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Thousands of UK citizens in the coastal city of Brixham, over 200 miles south-west of London, were warned against contaminated water supply in a shocking state of affairs of civic supplies in the country. 

A public health boss warned that the number of individuals infected with a waterbone disease following a parasite outbreak in south Devon is expected to rise for up to two weeks. 

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said in an official readout that 46 cases of cryptosporidium, a disease that can cause usymptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting, had been confirmed in Brixham after people drank water suspected to be contaminated with a waterborne parasite.

But the latest UK government statement says that while the “boil notice” — that is one must boil municipality supply water before drinking — has been lifted for the Alston supply area of Brixham covering 14,500 households. 

“The boil notice remains for around 2,500 properties in Hillhead, upper parts of Brixham and Kingswear who are advised to continue to boil their drinking water before consuming it,” the readout said. 

The government has opened bottled water collection points that remain open from 7 am to 9 pm (local time). 

At the same time, the company responsible for the potable water chaos has been ordered to pay $145 by May 21 to the affected households. 

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“Customers affected in the Hillhead, upper parts of Brixham and Kingswear area over the weekend and into next week will be paid an additional £100 ($126) compensation – giving each customer a total of £215 (over $270),” the readout added. 

A spokesperson for the Drinking Water Inspectorate said: “The Drinking Water Inspectorate has been informed of reports of illness affecting supplies in the Brixham, Devon area. South West Water are investigating these reports and are working with the relevant health authorities. The Inspectorate has been notified of the potential contamination of drinking water and is investigating the cause, extent, and actions of the company.”

“Consumers should follow the company’s advice if they are within the affected area and should contact South West Water if they require further information.”

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