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UK Woman Choked To Death In Sex Game Was In “Experimental” Relationship

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The couple engaged in sexual activity after consuming cocaine and GHB.

After a “sex game” led to the death of a 26-year-old dancer in the UK, details have emerged of her relationship with her boyfriend who choked her to death in bed before killing himself.

Georgia Brooke, 26, died after her 31-year-old boyfriend Luke Cannon choked her at his home in UK’s West Yorkshire on February 2, 2022. The couple engaged in sexual activity after consuming cocaine and GHB, a nervous depressant increasingly being used for recreational purposes.

Sex game gone wrong

After Ms Brooke passed out, her boyfriend panicked and called the emergency services and she was rushed to a hospital. However, she died after going into cardiac arrest.

When a murder investigation was launched by West Yorkshire Police, they began searching for her boyfriend who went missing soon after her death. He was found hanging in the forest near the hospital soon after.

“Experimental” relationship

During the investigation, the police found text messages from Ms Brooke consenting to getting choked during the couple’s sexual practices in the past. The messages showed Ms Brooke’s interest in pursuing an “experimental” sexual relationship with her boyfriend.

A UK court has now determined that the dancer’s death was an “unlawful killing”. Even though there was no evidence that Cannon wanted to kill her, he did use “excessive” force, the post-mortem determined. The principal cause of her death was “forceful and prolonger” compression of the neck, it added.

“Coercive, controlling” 

During the hearing, Ms Brook’s mother accused Cannon of being “controlling, coercive” towards her daughter, even telling her “what to wear” and “where to sit”. They further alleged that her behaviour changed after she started dating Cannon in 2021.

On the other hand, Cannon’s brother described him as a “generous person” who helped people and  “genuinely cared” for his girlfriend. 

“Dangerous, reckless” practice

The young dancer’s death prompted the UK coroner to issue a strong message against such sexual practices. Calling them “dangerous and reckless”, he said that what happened to Ms Brooke should send out a “strong deterrent message to those engaged in such practices.”

“This type of sex act is dangerous and reckless and it all too often ends in fatal consequences,” he said.

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