Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Vertiv launches AI Hub to aid AI infrastructure deployment

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Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has announced the launch of its new AI Hub, aiming to bridge the knowledge gap in AI deployment and infrastructure for data centres. The AI Hub is designed to offer partners, customers, and visitors access to expert information, reference designs, and resources to aid in planning AI-ready infrastructure.

The AI Hub from Vertiv features a comprehensive suite of resources including white papers, industry research, tools, and power and cooling portfolios. These resources cater to both retrofit and greenfield applications. Among its notable offerings is a new reference design library that showcases scalable liquid cooling and power infrastructure supporting various chip sets ranging from 10kW to 140kW per rack.

Reflecting the rapid evolution of the AI technology stack and its supporting infrastructure, the Vertiv AI Hub will be continually updated with fresh content. This includes an AI Infrastructure certification programme for Vertiv partners, a testament to the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of AI tech and infrastructure advancements.

“Vertiv has a history of sharing cutting-edge technology and insights for the data centre industry,” said Vertiv CEO Giordano (Gio) Albertazzi. “We are dedicated to providing deep knowledge, a broad portfolio, and expert guidance to enable our customers to deploy energy-efficient AI power and cooling infrastructure for current and future uses. Our close partnerships with leading chipmakers and innovative data centre operators position us uniquely to assist our customers and partners on their AI journey.”

Sean Graham, research director of data centres at IDC, endorsed Vertiv’s initiative, noting, “Virtually every industry is exploring opportunities to drive business value through AI, but there are more questions than answers around how to deploy the infrastructure. A recognised infrastructure provider like Vertiv is valuable to businesses developing an AI strategy and seeking a single source for information.”

The launch of the AI Hub comes amid a surge in AI applications across various industries. Still, alongside this growth, there exists a significant scarcity of reliable resources to guide the deployment and infrastructure strategy for AI clusters. The AI Hub aims to address this gap by providing thoroughly researched and expertly curated information. By offering tools and resources within a dynamic and frequently updated platform, Vertiv hopes to empower its customers and partners to more effectively navigate the complexities of AI technology.

The AI Hub leverages Vertiv’s extensive experience and insights within the data centre industry. Users can expect to find well-documented reference designs and practical strategies tailored to meet the escalating demands of AI power and cooling infrastructure. Furthermore, with the introduction of the AI Infrastructure certification programme, Vertiv seeks to elevate its partners’ expertise and readiness in implementing sophisticated AI solutions.

In summary, the introduction of the AI Hub by Vertiv represents a significant step forward in addressing the AI knowledge gap in the data centre industry. This platform aims to equip stakeholders with necessary tools, strategies, and certifications to support robust AI infrastructure planning and deployment, underscoring Vertiv’s leadership and innovative approach in the ever-evolving AI landscape.

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