Saturday, June 22, 2024

Where is on your bucket list? Top 25 places over 50s want to visit

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New research reveals the list of destinations, the nation’s empty nesters are planning to visit, now they have more time and a bit more cash – with exploring the Valley of the Kings in Egypt (23 percent) taking the top spot.

According to the survey of parents over fifty, by, the ultimate child and teen free travel bucket list includes swimming in crystal clear lagoons in the Maldives (22 percent), snorkelling in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (22 percent) and going to Italy’s Pompeii (20 percent) to see the Mount Vesuvius ruins from 79 A.D all included.

And the countdown for adventure is on, with destinations like Reykjavik to see the Northern Lights (19 percent), taking in New York from the top of the Empire State Building (18 percent) and island hopping in Greece (17 percent) also making the list.


Other experiences that parents can’t wait to discover when their kids finally fly the nest include seeing Times Square at night (17 percent), exploring the Grand Canyon (17 percent) and whale watching in Iceland (15 percent).

And despite their kids all being grown up, 12 percent would LOVE to visit Lapland and enjoy a husky sleigh safari – WITHOUT their brood in tow.

67 percent of the 2,000 parents polled say they were more adventurous and spontaneous before they had children.

Over half (54 percent) of those polled like to book trips away in peace, away from their partner and families – with the home office (34 percent), workplace (34 percent), under the duvet in bed (23 percent), a local coffee shop (23 percent) and even locking themselves in a bathroom (22 percent), as the top holiday browsing hideouts.

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