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Woman reveals two things she shouldn’t have packed after 10 flights in one month

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A WOMAN has revealed the two things she should have never packed after flying 10 times in one month.

Harriet Davey, 34, gave expert tips about how to pack your luggage before a sunny holiday.


The expert tip can help you pack your luggage more efficientlyCredit: Getty

The London-based fashion editor revealed how she went on a backpacking trip to Thailand and Cambodia in her 20s.

With a knack for travelling and spending time at beaches, she decided to go for a six-week holiday to the Philippines along with her boyfriend.

With over 7,000 islands in the country, Harriet knew it would be a long journey with many stopovers.

The fashion expert said she ended up boarding 10 flights in a month – and stayed at 10 different hotels.

And with such a busy itinerary comes the hassle of packing your luggage – especially when it is not a backing trip.

Harriet has now revealed the two things people should never pack while going on such long vacations.

Writing for Conde Nast Traveller, she explained how packing “too much underwear” is always a mistake.

While undergarments are always an essential part of your luggage, carrying too many of them – especially when visiting an island – can turn out to be a wrong decision.

Harriet wrote: “You end up spending the majority of the time in bikinis – even for nights out.”

“We did a weekly wash at the laundrettes on every island, so there’s no need to pack a lot.”

The next item that Harriet said she should have never carried was her pair of trainers.

While chunky shoes like trainers are always the most comfortable option, wearing them on beaches in summer is just a bad idea.

People mostly just wear them during flights and transits for sheer comfort – but then swap them for less-chunky footwear like flip-flops for ease.

Summer Travel Misery: 100+ Flights Cancelled!

The expert said: “I only ended up wearing my trainers on the flights to and from London.

“I wore Velcro sandals for any days I would be walking lots so the trainers were just tied to my backpack or in the way a lot of the time.”

It comes after a travel expert revealed the three things people should never wear on a flight – and the one piece of clothing you should always take.

The right outfit selection can make all the difference to a person’s comfort on their flight, yet a lot of people aren’t aware of it.

Meanwhile, travellers were told how they can save hundreds of pounds by snagging a “mistake fare” – but they’ll have to be quick.

With the holiday season kicking off, travellers would be trying to strike a sweet bargain deal on fight tickets – and this tip could help them snap up cheap fares.

Another travel expert revealed a sneaky way to save hundreds of pounds on flights – even after booking them.

Taking to AFAR, the money-saver said passengers can book cheaper flights on deal tracking service

It comes after an experienced flyer showed travellers how to minimise the damage to their wallet as fees to check-in their luggage rise.

Passengers could save money from buying upgraded tickets, said the expert.

Other ways to save on your next flight

FOLLOWING these expert tips could save you hundreds while booking a flight ticket.

Be flexible: The travel company emphasised the importance of flexibility – saying that adjusting travel dates can offer a wealth of cost-saving options.

You could choose to travel during less popular travel days, like those out-of-school holidays, or during off-peak, slightly rogue times.

Consider last-minute deals: Although booking early is generally recommended to avoid disappointment, last-minute deals can also offer savings.

During off-peak seasons, travellers who book last minute could get some incredible discounts.

However, they added that the sweet spot for booking European holidays is usually five months before departure – booking then could yield a 47 per cent reduction in costs.

While booking long-haul flights six months in advance could save travellers a whopping 54 per cent off typical prices.

How can I rebook my flight?

If you have booked an overpriced flight, you still have the chance to protect your wallet by rebooking a cheaper option. Here’s how:

  • Keep an eye on fares after booking your flight – you can use price alert trackers for updates.
  • Navigate through Google Flights or airline websites, considering different dates and carriers.
  • Once you spot a drop in fares seize the opportunity.
  • Go through the rebooking process – ensuring to cancel and rebook where necessary to maximise savings.
  • Consider cancelling the entire booking for added savings and flexibility. 

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