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Chris Davies: New Birmingham City boss ‘ready for step up’

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New Birmingham City boss Chris Davies says he is ready to make the step up to manager after such a long time as a number two.

The 39-year-old took charge at Blues on 6 June after a season as Ange Postecoglou’s assistant at Tottenham.

The Spurs stint followed 13 years working under Brendan Rodgers at Swansea, Liverpool, Celtic and Leicester, and Davies says becoming a manager was just about finding the club that would be the best fit.

“I’ve been ready to be a manager for quite a few years,” said Davies in his first in-house club interview in his new role.

A newly relegated Birmingham, backed by the financial might of Tom Wagner and Tom Brady’s Knighthead Group, more than beckoned the former Reading and Wales youth player to the second city.

“I always felt like a manager, like a number one,” Davies told Blues TV. “I’ve had a lot of responsibility at big clubs with the managers I’ve worked with.

“Now I’m the decision maker and the buck stops with me but I prefer that.

“It was about the right club, the right fit and the right time.

“I already had a great job at a great club, but my gut feeling was that this was a club which reflected my own ambition.

“I was over in the Maldives with the family when this all happened, but these types of opportunities are important to capture.”

He says it was co-owners Wagner, NFL legend Brady and chief executive Garry Cook who sold the League One club to him.

“They’re all very successful, credible people in their field,” he said. “You sense their commitment to this club and the real vision for what they can do.

“It was inspiring just listening to them talk. As each conversation went by with each one of them, the more excited I got.”

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