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Modern classic sports car that’s ‘never seen rain’ on sale for bargain price

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A MODERN classic sports car that has apparently “never seen rain” thanks to 32 years of dry storage has gone on sale at a bargain price.

The ultra-rare sportster is one of just 600 of its kind and has been treated to extensive restoration and maintenance work.


This TVR Griffith has been ‘reluctantly’ put up for saleCredit: carandclassic.com
It is one of just 602 of its kind


It is one of just 602 of its kindCredit: carandclassic.com

The Griffith was a small-batch sports car produced by British manufacturer TVR.

The company was, at one point, the third largest sports car brand in the world, but only ever made around 2,500 of the iconic model.

This example is from the first production year, 1992, and was one of just 602 of the original versions ever made.

Described as a “proper, hairy chested TVR” in the listing on Car & Classic, it doesn’t even feature power steering.

The current owner admitted he was “reluctantly” selling the car as it was too expensive to keep under London’s ULEZ scheme.

However, the sale presents an opportunity for a classic car lover not subject to environmental levies to snag a real bargain.

The car has been dry stored lovingly for 32 years and has “never seen rain”, only being taken out in good weather.

It has been kept in exceptional condition, with the oil, air filter and spark plugs all replaced, as well as a wheel refurb, dashboard restoration and mirror repair all within the last 500 miles of use.

Speaking of mileage, there are just 49,000 on the clock, an average of around 1,500 a year.

And in just eight years, it will be old enough to qualify as a “historic vehicle”, exempting it from road tax and MOT requirements.

World’s ‘most-dangerous car’ sells for eye-watering £600k at auction

The Griffith is on sale for just £15,500.

That’s a real steal considering similar models can sell for upwards of £80,000 second-hand.

Even more so when you consider that the model is set to make a comeback in the near future, having been delayed since 2019, with new versions starting at £90,000.

It comes after motoring experts revealed five of the best used cars you can pick up in 2024 for under £5,000.

The model is set to make a comeback this year at £90,000


The model is set to make a comeback this year at £90,000Credit: carandclassic.com
This one is a bit of steal at £15,500


This one is a bit of steal at £15,500Credit: carandclassic.com
It has 'never seen rain' after 32 years of careful storage


It has ‘never seen rain’ after 32 years of careful storageCredit: carandclassic.com

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