Monday, May 20, 2024

Russia is using Iranian-made weapons to target Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure: UK statement at the UN Security Council

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Thank you, President and I thank Director Lisa Doughten and Director Caitlin Howarth for their informative briefings.

This spring, Russia has targeted power plants, electricity substations and gas storage facilities across Ukraine. The United Kingdom calls for an immediate halt to this destructive campaign against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Millions of people already face disruption to power, heating, and water supply. These attacks are making an appalling humanitarian situation worse. This is especially the case for frontline communities, as the attacks and lack of power hamper humanitarian partners’ communications and movements.

The most recent attack, on 8th May, involved over 70 missiles and drones. Since March, at least 14 power stations have been hit. Iranian-made UAVs remain Russia’s weapons of choice in these attacks against civilians and their infrastructure.

Colleagues, Russia has targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since the start of the full-scale invasion in 2022 and before that. In 2015, thousands of consumers experienced power outages when Russia hacked Ukrainian energy grids. Now, this pattern of Russian aggression continues in an attempt to terrorise civilians, obstruct livelihoods and businesses, and ultimately, to break down Ukraine’s resolve. But Ukrainians will not allow Russia to do that. 

The UK has committed $55 million to the Energy Community’s Ukraine Energy Support Fund, and over $214 million in overall support to the energy sector in Ukraine. We encourage donors to support this fund, to consider rapid provisions of new or refurbished energy equipment, and to help provide air defence systems to protect Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. Together, we will help Ukraine repair, restore, and defend its energy infrastructure.

One country could end this wanton destruction and suffering immediately. The United Kingdom calls on Russia to cease its attacks and to withdraw from the internationally-recognised territory of Ukraine. Thank you.

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