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Travel expert shares best times and locations to fly from to avoid long delays

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The insurance price comparison website Go.Compare has advised tourists on the best times to fly in order to avoid delays ruining a holiday.

With many holidays beginning at the airport, the last thing tourists like to see is a massive queue at the check-in desk.

Rhys Jones, travel insurance expert at Go.Compare suggested that tourists looking to avoid spending hours waiting for flights should try to avoid flights during the summer months or fly from a less popular airport.

He explained: “It’s clear that the off-peak months are better for flight punctuality. The summer months are incredibly popular among passengers. This, along with unpredictable summer weather, means that airports are most likely to suffer from delays.

“But our figures also show that some airports are more punctual than others. If you can, try to fly from an airport which sees fewer delays to minimise your chances of encountering setbacks.”

According to Go.Compare, the best month of the year to fly is February, with tourists facing an average delay of just 10 minutes per flight.

In general, winter was found to be the best season to travel, with November and January ranking second and third respectively.

Whilst there are few people willing to take their summer holidays at the coldest time of the year, taking a short break during the winter can also help tourists avoid massive crowds at popular destinations.

Alternatively, the company found that July is the worst month to fly, with airport visitors typically having to wait for 24 minutes.

One of the warmest months of the year, July is when schools and colleges break up for the summer, making it a common time for family trips away.

August, which was the second-worst month to travel, also featured the highest number of cancelled flights, with three percent of all journeys not taking place.

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