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Women’s Under-17 Championship final LIVE: Watch England vs Spain stream

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Get Inspired: How to get into footballpublished at 10:53 16 May

Get Inspired

Grassroots football

Beyond the affiliated clubs there’ll be teams and leagues local to you, who welcome all kinds of characters to play and enjoy a game of football. Yes, there’s a competitive element to it, but the common theme will be having fun.

Football clubs all over the country work with their local communities to introduce people to the game. Schemes in Wales,, externaland Northern Ireland,, externalcontinue to thrive.

What else?

  • Five-a-side football is played on a smaller pitch, with more touches of the ball – and there are facilities all over the country.
  • Futsal is similar to five-a-side, but played indoor with a smaller, heavier ball. It places greater emphasis on individual skill and ball control.
  • Struggle to get the joints moving? Walking Football could be the answer. Check it out here, external
  • If you’re more interested in stepovers than Sunday league, then freestyle could be for you. The video above will show you what’s possible at the very top, but to get started click here, external

Disability football

Disability football is well served across Britain, with a host of different opportunities for different groups of people.

The English FA’s Disability Football section, external, has plenty of ideas for playing or coaching.The Wales Football Trust, external, have a dedicated disability co-ordinator to deliver a fully inclusive programme.

Likewise, the Scottish,, externaland Northern Ireland Football Associations, external, aim to ensure that disabled people have the chance to take part fully and fulfil their potential.

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Women’s World Cup: Cuthbert & Bright’s easy drills to help you improve your skills

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